About Lynn

Digital Designer / Born and raised in Orlando, living in Boston, MA / Multilingual / Curious and passionate about creating stories through good design

Design Thinking

Lynn utilizes design best practices to create projects that are well-planned and well-executed. She creates with a variety or tools and keeps the user experience in mind at all times.

Immersive Technologies

Staying up-to-date on emerging technologies, Lynn designs in Virtual Reality (VR), 360° video and more. She utilizes these technologies to create stories that are visual and engaging.

Featured Projects

A sample of projects by Lynn.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Award-winning Virtual Reality experience.

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360° Video Tours

Videos filmed and edited for 360° video players.

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Stop-Motion Animation

Nine unique stop motion animations created for this award-winning short film.

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Motion Graphics

Hand drawn text-based animations and motion graphics.

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