About Lynnfay

Animator and creative producer / Born and raised in Florida / Multilingual / Exploring the intersection of art, music and technology / Curious and passionate about creating stories through multimedia.

Design Thinking

Lynnfay has worked in creative production and design industry for 10 years. She utilizes her knowledge of visual best practices and design tools to create projects that are both creative and expressive. She keeps the user experience in mind at all times to create the best possible product for the end user.

Immersive Technologies

Staying up-to-date on emerging technologies, Lynnfay designs in Virtual Reality (VR), 360° video and more. She utilizes these technologies to create stories that are visual and engaging.

Featured Projects

A sample of projects by Lynnfay.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Award-winning Virtual Reality experience, an underwater experience about the effects of global warming on coral reef.

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360° Video Tours

Videos filmed and edited for 360° video players. Tours using this technology give the user an immersive experience.Videos filmed and edited for 360° video players.

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Stop-Motion Animation

Nine unique stop motion animations created for this award-winning short film.

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Motion Graphics & Animation

Digitally animated scenes created for the CrowdSourced Boston Project.

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Best Stop-Motion Animator for 2017

VR Ecohack Third Place Winner - 2017

Honorable Mention 2016