Solutions How can we minimize the environmental impact on coral reefs?

Protecting the environment

What are some of the actions we can take to help reduce our impact on the oceans?

Use less plastic

Using less plastic can mean less pollution that ends up in our oceans. Here are ways to reduce plastic consumption:

  • Re-use: Use a re-usable water bottle instead of disposible water bottles.
  • Avoid plastics: Use paper straws or no straws when ordering a drink at a restaurant.
  • Bring shopping bags: Bring re-useable shopping bags to the supermarket.
  • Recycle: Check the label on all plastic items to see if they are recycleable.

Conserve water

By conserving water, we are creating less runoff and wastewater that eventually pollute our oceans. Here are some ways to save water:

  • Turn off the faucet: When you are not using the water, remember to turn the faucet off to stop the water from running.
  • Take quicker showers: By cutting down on the amount of time spent in the shower, you can save several gallons of water per week. See if you can get clean in 10 minutes or less.
  • Fix leaks: Many leaks can be avoided by turning the knob all the way to the off position.

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